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Product Development & Sampling

Our international positioning enables specific product development strategy for each customer
worldwide.Our associated fabric mills can arrange yarns / fabrics as per required color within 48 - 72 hours so
that any sampling request can be attainted immediately.
We have established joint research programs with strategic customers in order to have direct
communication line on design, trends and fashion.
We present two in-house collections yearly with continuous updating / re-actualization throughout the
season. We also offer designer to designer service partnered with strategic customers. We have swift
sampling facility with high paid professional stuffs.


All life styles

Our in-house knit collection covers seven life styles namely sportswear, outdoors, casual sport,
casual, contemporary classic, sport chic and casual chic. This enables our plant to better target the
different market segments and brings the designs closer to the final customer's lifestyle.



We offer Garment dyeing facility on cotton and blends.
Good reactivity with short lead time. Flexible on yarns/ fabrics and offers wide range possibilities on
different fabric structures. Offer acid wash, all over print and dip dyeing on garments.Our merchandise can be tried and tested in any accredited laboratory by customers or this can be
tested by us from any designated laboratory if required.